What I’m waiting for : Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel

Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel (Vampire Queen #2)

June, 22nd 2011 (US)
St Martin’s Griffin

There is no description yet for this book, but the prologue and the first chapter are available at the end of Infinite Days.

Rebecca Maizel has publishet one little snippet on her blog :

“Lenah! Go inside!” Rhode yelled. His jaw was tight and his eyes pierced me.

Yet, I was frozen where I stood. Rhode closed his eyes in defeat and turned from me to face the vampire in sumptuous red.

“Kill me…” the woman pleaded. “Please, Rhode. No one else will do it.”

“Lady, I cannot take your life,” he said.

“Please….” Her eyes bore into Rhode’s. “No more sunsets.”

I love Infinite Days and I’m in love with Rhode, more than Justin, and I hope he will be more present in the sequel!


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