Review : The Rock by Monica McCarty

The Rock

The Rock by Monica McCarty (The Highland Guard #11)

December 29th, 2015 (US)
Pocket Books


The first time Thomas MacGowan saw Elizabeth Douglas, he thought she was a princess. To the son of the castle blacksmith, the daughter of the powerful Lord of Douglas might as well be. Despite their differences in rank, they become inseparable—until Thom confesses his love, and the humiliation of realizing Elizabeth has never considered him a potential suitor drives him to battle, determined to change his fortune as a warrior in the Bruce army.

Elizabeth is devastated. She never meant to hurt Thom. But her only hope for security is to marry for the betterment of her clan. When the English capture her younger brother, she turns to the quiet, steady former protector who can climb anything. But the merciless, muscled warrior is not the companion she remembers. Though Thom has made clear he wants nothing to do with Elizabeth, can he truly refuse the alluring woman who makes his heart race—and how long will she deny that he’s always been her knight in shining armor?

My review

This eleventh book in The Highland Guard series is about Thomas’ story, which for the first time is neither part of the group of the bravest warriors, nor of a noble family. I highly recommend to have read the novella The Knight before, as it introduced the main characters before this book. Elizabeth is James’ sister, while Thomas is their best friend, and Joanne is James’ wife.

We have a small change in the story: indeed, the heroine is from a noble family and must marry in order to strengthen her social position and her brother’s one, while the hero has to prove everything because of his low origins. I was delighted to see again some warriors of The Highland Guard, with a fresh eye alongside Thomas and Elizabeth. I had the feeling to return to the beginning of the series, it was nice.

The romance plot is in line with the previous books, with an independent and strong head heroine and a brave, loyal, fierce and protective hero who ends up at his lover’s feet.

I still enjoy this series, and I’m sad to say that in June 2016, we’ll have the ultimate book of the series, The Ghost, with Alex Seton, the traitor…

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