Merry Christmas !

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, my life has seen so busy last months! I’ll try to post somes articles during my holidays.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, I hope you’ve been lucky with Santa Claus!

Take care.


Happy Chinese New Year !

It’s the Year of the Rabbit! Best wishes for all once again!

Happy New Year 2011 !


I wish you all the best : health, luck, happiness and happy readings!

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas, take care of you and of your family. And Happy reading! 🙂

Benediction, Francesca


I’ve written a Twilight fanfiction more than one year ago. I hope you’ll enjoy it as a Christmas gfit. 🙂

In French

Welcome to The World of Francesca

Welcome to my world full of books!

Hi everybody!

I’m Francesca, a 25 years old French girl. I’m financial analyst in a bank and I live near Paris, France.

I’m a book addict, I love reading novels (urban fantasy, young adult, thrillers, romance…) in French and in English, it doesn’t matter.

You’ll read here my reviews in English and in French and some news about books and series I’m interested in.

Thank you for stopping here and my apologies for all the mistakes I’m doing and I’ll do in English grammar! I hope you’ll enjoy the  blog. 🙂

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